Welcome to Native Houstonian Anthony "YuGant" Brown site, as he makes his entrance into the rap game creating music on pure emotions and life experiences while captivating visual insight to positive outlooks while face with harsh reality of society. His promise to reflect visual with professional images while on a independent scale. Rapper/Producer YuGant takes his Houston Northside Acres Home roots to the streets of California to record and create portent views through the ride of struggle to success. YuGant southern ways create magic while adapting to the City of Angels mishaps with lucrative rewards while gaining success provided with great quality product and vivid content. As YuGant releases the visual for his first single called "Clouds" produce by The District Music Group better known as T.D.M.G. "Clouds" music video was shot  by one and only Hector Toroh CEO of Torohfilms with 4k vision pushes the cinematic emotions of relief to grinding to succeed. YuGant continue to push his vision to clarity over the 8 years of being in the rap game completed with setbacks and kickbacks providing positive energy to complete '1080p' the long awaited album. The '1080p' album pushes heated tracks like "Flip" and "Don't Lose" collectively on raw vibrant content, controlling your  reactions to just good music. So interact with reality and feel music as you have a front row seat view of YuGant journey and reflections from Houston to California. Enjoy!